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About the Founder

Edythe Tyson

Founder, Tyson's Travel

Tyson’s Travel is a travel agency dedicated to serving the needs of groups as well as individuals looking to book spa trips, cruises, and upscale all-inclusive vacations.

Tyson’s Travel, LLC is owned and operated by its founder Edythe “Edie” Tyson. Edie’s love for travel began 27 years ago when she started planning group trips for her family and friends. And the rest is history…. Tyson’s Travel provides family and friends with affordable, attainable, upscale curated travel experiences…. just like the ones she has been putting together for herself, family, and friends for almost three decades!  

Tyson’s Travel has planned and hosted vacations/getaways for hundreds of satisfied clients, aka Edie’s travel family!

Tyson’s Travel has one goal… pamper and spoil all its clients….A goal that Edie takes very seriously.   

Tyson’s Travel offers a wide range of group vacation options… from spa trips, cruises to upscale all-inclusive destination vacations and many other options in between.

Edie believes that there is so much of the world to see. And has therefore dedicated herself to helping others to plan amazing vacations that take them to places near and far. 

After all, everyone deserves to be vacation spoiled!

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