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Why People Love Tyson's  Travel

I want to say that I’ve been traveling with Tyson Travels since the very beginning, and I’ve never been disappointed. These getaways are with several beautiful women every year, and Edythe Tyson ensures everything is in order before we leave. We have traveled to many different Spa locations, and it’s worth every penny. My favorite Spa was Nemacolin, located in Farmington, PA. This location was amazing, the food and spa were fantastic, and they also had a zoo located on their property. The ladies enjoyed the very first spa trip so well that we have now on our 10th annual spa trip!

I truly look forward to going every year.

Rita Jones

I'm a nurse, I'm on my feet all day and work long hours a lot of them. Every year, I look forward to the girls' spa trip.  I leave the job, the husband, and the kids behind.  The weekend is all about me and pampering myself and enjoying great company with like-minded women.  We laugh, eat, and enjoy each other's great company.  The trips are so rewarding and relaxing.  I will never miss a trip!


Leslie T.

Mitchellville, Md

Edie is a fantastic travel agent! I've had the pleasure of going on her annually planned spa trip for three years, and I look forward to it every year. Edie always selects top-tier hotels that provide the much-needed luxury, delicious food, and relaxing spa services I need every year. Wine tasting, shopping, and social networking with diverse women are also huge pluses.  I am looking forward to the next trip!  

Jenai Brevard

I look forward to the announcement of Edie's girls' trip every year - from the Salamander in VA to Nemacolin Woods in PA ... I think the Umsted in North Carolina was my favorite (we went twice) ....  it brightens my wait for Spring and gives me something to look forward to on the first weekend in November!   Always a great destination, great company and a needed break from the stress of regular work and family life.  Just like the girl's trips you see on the reality shows .. but without the drama! 

Nancy Johnson

The trips are always amazing!  I've been going on trips by Edie for over 10 years, and they have all been amazing.  She takes great care in vetting the location and planning the experience.  From the time we depart until we return, Edie does an amazing job ensuring all of her guests are having a great experience.  I can't wait until the next trip!  

Dr. Renee Williams

I went on my first girl's spa trip with Tyson's Travel over 10 years ago.  I've been hooked ever since. I can let my guards down and trust that everything is taken care of to my level of perfection. Every year, every trip is flawless, from the venue, the spa services, to the means of transportation, The nice welcome gifts. I can truly exhale and relax and enjoy the trip. Tyson travel is my travel agent of choice. I know I'm in good hands!!!!


W. Hamilton

Mitchellville, MD

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